Project Norsou is dedicated to addressing issues of social equity and ecological health across the globe. We believe that spaces, technologies, and communities can be conceptualised and built differently in order to transfigure and transmute through innovation.



Project Norsou is a platform for the production of architecture, landscapes, ideas, and supporting technologies, led by Oorvi Sharma and Avani Sharma.

We design thoughtful, context-resonant spaces and technologies that speak of the fundamentals and address the needs of a future culture enriched by plural expressions.

Our current projects are focused on developing tectonics and evolved vocabularies for Western Canadian, MENA-region, and South Asian identities and communities. Our work responds to the growing climatic and ecological challenges of these regions through deep contextual examination and efficient solution-finding.

Our body of work spans a broad range of scales and typologies, from schools, private commissions, institutional plans, groundbreaking exhibitions, community engagement platforms, deployable policy tools, and books.

Our fabrication capacities support the union of cutting edge digital technology and traditional handicraft – a harmonious, reciprocal relationship that inspires our creative process.

At all scales, our works are traceable back to a consistent set of principles including depth of meaning, balanced proportion, material investigation, simplicity of use, maintenance and restoration, effective repetition, light and natural elements. In this way, our portfolio of projects is reflective of more global ideas about how we live and what we value.

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For speaking, writing, interview, podcast, consulting, project, and employment-related inquiries please email us.

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